I only want to live in peace,
plant potatoes
and dream
— Moomin


i'm linnea. a 24 year old swede. introvert globe trotter, carb loving vegan and quiet rebellion of social expectations. i feed on sarcasm, coffee (with oat milk if you have some!) and puns.

travelling is my big love in this life. from age 10-or-so I started an exchange of letters with my eldest cousin. through post cards of a japan in full cherry bloom or a little necklace for good fortune from ireland she would create a passageway for the world to come through all the way to my post box in the woods of northern sweden. over a decade later i am still just getting started to satisfy the curiousity i felt back then. i did my first solo trip at age 15 and it is still to flight ticket i put all my savings. 

i have always enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and consider recipes to be a mere guideline, not a holy script! as pippi longstocking would say "you use whatever you have" - it is astonishing what you can make from a seemingly empty fridge! all my recipes are vegan and as you browse through i hope to inspire you to a greener life. do by no means be fooled thinking it is all raw vegetables - there is plentiful of things deep fried and chocolate covered over here -- i said green, not boring!

the blog

started back in 2014, having just returned from a 13-month long trip. working an unfulfilling part-time job, i started sharing stories from the places i had been along with a collection of the food i cooked. a creative outlet of sorts. the chickpeas are for my love of vegan food and the understanding a life long quest to explore the world. these are still the main ingredients, with the occasional addition of a DIY, review or rant.

DON'T be a stranger

For love letters and enquiries, please drop a comment or send a message to linneasjberg[at]gmail[dot]com.