My Daily BATH.

(Yes the best cities are always the ones that can be used in a pun)

With only a month or so left in this town, this is how I tend to (when I'm not working, i.e.) pass time here in Bath:


Despite how many hours I spend in a coffeeshop per week, you know, because of work - that's nonetheless how you'll find me on my day off. I believe it's my hobby; writing, crocheting, reading the news, doing sudoku and watching strangers. It brings me a relaxation I can never obtain at home.

Another hobby of mine is to pass time annoying my boyfriend when he's opening the ice cream shop (I don't know how many photos I have of the Abbey through the reflection's of David Thayers icecream's windows. Far too many anyway.)

This is from walking around town. "A roman in Bath", I call it.


  I was thrilled to discover that a stone's throw away from our house in Odd Down there's these beautiful, undulating landscapes with green as far as the eye can see. Such a fresh breeze from the city and the detatched houses, especially for an inner countrysider like myself.


We splurged and went to the cinema once. I had convinced Julien we should go see Roy Andersson's A Pigeon Sat On... You know - and the rest of that metre long title. (Side note: A man comes in to sit next to us in the salon, cautiously asking "... Is this the pigeon film?")
I reckon J will think twice before I talk him into any other £9.50 films again. That was a strange experience indeed.


Some time ago Bath was so ridiculously hot that I had to wait a while before I begun the bike ride (uphill!) back home. A great way to spend time is for instance by drinking fancy juices at Beyond the Kale and reading Sanna Ehdin.