I bought a new camera on ebay a while back – and this is the first roll. Underexposed meets overexposed in one great mixture; I just recently noticed I ought to have gone with the alternative “A” for auto instead of pretending to know what I was doing. Oh well, here goes:


My ma ready to party on her 50th bday // A sleeping Stella


Back in Bath, where Julien took a great liking in Sweden's most sold car.


Part of the Roman Baths. (This one turned out quite okay, in my humble opinion)


Yours truly on my 22nd bday. After work we went to throw frisbee and drink whisky+ginger beer by the meadows, before ending up in bed watching Shaun the Sheep (I never thought that'd happen, but I suppose 22 is all about trying new things...) with three different flavoured Kettle-crisps that I sent Julien off to buy with the excuse "you go, it's my birthday!"


Finally, our withering plants in the kitchen window.