Inle lake.

From Bagan we came to Myanmar's second largest lake - Inle. Cold and windy in the Burmese winter, we seeked shelter indoors; drinking avocado lassi's until our bellies ached and tap beer as the only women at the local pub.


The compulsory thing to do as a tourist is of course to cross the lake! The Burmese fishermen have a very special technique of using their feet to row.


We were floating by floating gardens... ... a range of handcraft workshops...


... a range of handcraft workshops...


... and some ladies rolling cigarettes; using a mix of tobacco, honey, tamarind, brown sugar, banana, alcohol, salt and aniseed. This lady we spoke to was très cool, posing in front of the camera with such a satisfied look on her face. Quality check.


The business card of our boat driver. This is my #1 thing I love about this continent --> "you will happy".


  Another day we spent on land. We went cycling, passing small schools and wide fields of tiny suns as pictured above - and eventually ending up in a small village where we tried To hpu, the Burmese version of Tofu, made from chickpea flour rather than of soy beans. Delicious.


Coffee, guacamole and The World's Largest Cracker. Too big to fit into a standard instagram square. 


And with these chillin' cows we say good bye Inle! < 3