KUALA LUMPUR (or 'Falling asleep at the Cinema')

It is our first night in the Malaysian capital. We meet up with a slightly delayed Amy at the Sentral Station, go back to her place to basically just drop off our bags before we are out the door again. On the food hunt! We end up in some outdoorsy-food court. When the buffet hostess pulls a warning "spicy spicy" at the food I wish to have I just think yeah right, so said the Thai and that was fine. Well of course you were fine, you silly swede, you were at khaosan road at the time...

Let's just say that when the malay claim something is spicy - they are not messing around. Only minutes into the meal my eyes are filled with tears. Emily claims my face turned white at some point. I try to neutralize by eating the veggies, like the haricot verts, surely they cannot be too spicy? Turns out those green peas are not peas but green chillies. Guess you have to learn the hard way.

Us in front of the Petronas (well, a Petrona to be precise) the first evening feat. my breakfast plate.  Coffee tea-bags (how clever??) and indulging on dates and peanut butter after a week (!!!) of absence.


When Scandinavia conquers your living room. 


View from Amy's building in two different directions.


On our last day we go to watch Elysium at the cinema. There I was, thinking me and jet lag had broken up long ago. That I was fine. Apparently not - just seconds before the credits come on screen I abruptly wake up to the sound of the whole salon laughing. "What? What happened?"

Turns out Matt Damon died to save the world. Oh sorry, I was supposed to say spoiler alert. My bad.