Stora Hotellet.

Many moons ago I was on my way from Bath to Sweden to celebrate my mother's 50th year on this earth.

It's a fairly long journey, detouring London + Stockholm before you reach the north, so I had bunkered up with double provisions on the bus ride (1st my own, then my boss insisting I'd bring yet another baguette/water bottle/piece of fruit) to enjoy as England was waking up outside the bus windows.

Our house may be big, but certainly not big enough to store seven siblings with partners + cousins + grand children + what not, so we all checked in at Stora Hotellet ('The Big Hotel') in the city centre for one night. There they had these funky vending machines. Books, toothpaste and organic chocolate rather than your average mars bars.

The hotel has recently been refurbished, much playing on their history of being a sailor's federation, and looked very pretty!

I got my own room! Such luxury! Since I'm mainly used to backpacker-standard I was utterly surprised to find I even had my own BATHROOM! (Although the toilet itself was hidden behind a mirror, took me forever to find when I got back home around 3am and REALLY needed to pee. But that's another story...)

I don't have any photos from the party itself (although I was "dedicated photographer of the event") but let's round up with two photos of my baby niece. Incredible how fast she's growing!

Ps. I just love the lemon-set she is wearing, wish I had one of my own. <3 Ds.