Arnos Vale/OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm.

As mentioned we went to the cemetery of Arnos Vale, on the outskirts of Bristol, during one of my days off. As I collected the roll of film, Julien was like "oh what a shame", targeting the focus (or lack of focus) on the photos. But I don't know, I quite like it. It adds to the atmosphere in some way. Plus I <3 bokeh.

It is indeed a pretty graveyard, the best part is the forest where everything just seems to have its own will. Looking up through the tall tree tops beats most things

What I realised the other day though, as I put a new roll in the camera - I haven't adjusted the ISO so that was up at like 600 when I'm in fact using a film with ISO 200. Ooops. That could explain A LOT about the outcome of these last two rolls.

Excited to see if there will be a difference on the next one.