Scrambled Tofu.

To have a package or two of silk tofu in the fridge is a complete lifesaver; in particular on a day when you are feeling too lazy or too hungry to cook (or both, which is the scenario for me 99% of the time). It has a long life expectancy and in an instant it can be turned into a protein-rich, filling meal + a presents a good chance to clean out the fridge at the same time. Today I made Scrambled Tofu for lunch before we headed out in the sunshine.


  • one pack silken tofu
  • chopped onion + garlic
  • one vegetable stock cube
  • veg of choice (like capsicum, mushroom, spinach, tomato etc)
  • soy sauce
  • tomato paste
  • yeast flakes, like Engevita
  • salt + pepper to taste

The one thing you really need is the silken tofu, the rest can be improvised.

      Start off by frying the mushrooms/capsicum/onion until softened, before adding the garlic. Next you crumble the tofu and vegetable stock into the pan and let saute for a bit, make sure to stir so it doesn't burn! Fresh veg like spinach + tomato can be added here, I usually say the dish is done once the spinach has shriveled. For seasoning I like to add a bit of soy sauce, tomato paste, yeast flakes, salt and pepper!
      For a creamier complexion you may add a little milk of choice! (Or soy cream/the likes, but I never have that at home unless it's for a special occasion.)

Et voila! Not the most photogenic of dishes, but it does the trick.