Crunchy Sweet potato Satay Salad

Ever since I had that sweet potato-satay-bean-salad at Foodstory I've dreamt of making something similar. I'm convinced this would taste amazing using the peanut sauce I posted the other week.

But lacking both peanut butter and the will to walk all the way to Holland & Barrett for a new kilogram - today will be the lazy version; using a ready made satay sauce. (Please note that these contains milk, so for a vegan friendly version use the recipe provided before.)


  • two sweet potatoes
  • a batch of satay sauce
  • a handful of salted peanuts
  • a can of beans, like berlotti or cannellini
  • spinach, rocket salad or other leafy green of choice
  • spring onion (opt.)

Step one is to roast the sweet potato. Start by heating the oven, 200• Celsius. Then simply chop the potatoes up in about 2-cm chunks, sprinkle with some oil + sea salt and in the oven they go! This will take about 40 minutes; I always make sure to turn them over about half way through.

      This leaves us plenty of time to prepare the rest of the salad.

In a large salad bowl, add your leafy greens + spring onion, if you chose to add it. My number one life hack must be this: cutting the onion using a pair of scissors! Such a life saver this summer when I was making 3 cheese and spring onion several times a week at the cafe!!

Next heat the beans + satay sauce up on medium heat on the stove. Once hot, pour the mixture in with the greens in your salad bowl. Also throw in that handful of peanuts and stir everything around.

      All left is to wait for them bloody potatoes to finish roasting. Now they may be called sweet already, but drizzling a bit of agave syrup or the likes over the ready cooked potatoes just takes them to the next level.

Mix everything together in the salad bowl. This can be eaten hot right away or cool down for a few hours before consuming.