LUSH and laptops.

I had a bit of amisfortune this weekend. My laptop charger has been acting dodgy for some time, like you really need to twist and turn it in order to get any electricity going. Then on Saturday when I had reached a -critically low battery error- the damn thing breaks in two!!! What!!! Studying suddenly got a little more difficult... Will look for a new charger but seeing as this old brick is like 6 years old now it may be difficult. (Is this a sign the time has come to invest in a Mac??)

Anywho - the other week just as my shampoo had run out, I bought these two love birds from Lush after watching them being recommended by Elin Berlin (greetings, fan_girl93) My god, dat conditioner! Vanilla milkshake! I keep catching myself sniffing my hair or tossing it in Js face repeating "smell it! nice huh??) End of rambling, off to sociology class it is... Xx