Hummus from Scratch.

Today I made hummus from scratch. Considering I've spent the past week obsessively watching Scandinoir drama The Bridge (it has reached a point where I seem to hear Danish everywhere; from bypassing kindergarteners and on J's French shows) this whole hummus project is like my one accomplishment of the week.

Now by scratch I don't mean "I made hummus from canned chickpeas", but rather the whole repetoire of soaking, boiling, mixing the dried ones you buy in bulk of the Asian supermarket around the corner.

A milestone I've wanted to scratch off my vegetarian-bucket list for somewhile. It is not that it requires any more skill really, just a whole lot more time and steps. They say this is like hummus 2.0 - both creamier and tastier. And I must say that already when watching the peas form into paste in the blender; it looked hella more creamy than your usual, canned chickpea-hummus!

I have had the chickpeas soaking since Thursday afternoon, but as a result of this intense watching of The Bridge I didn't get around to complete it yesterday. But staring blankly into an equally blank fridge this afternoon, and really not wishing to step outside of the apartment today due to a wee Scottish occurance spelled RAIN - I figured it was time for hummus or starve.


  1.   Soak your dry chickpeas in a large bowl/pot at least overnight. Store in the fridge.
  2. Drain the chickpeas, add fresh water and bring to the boil with a tbsp of baking soda and two pinches of salt. Once it's boiling, reduce the heat and keep on a low boil for one hour. 
  3. Once your chickpeas are easily mushed, drain them once more and leave to cool (room temperatureish).
  4. Mixing time! Into the food processor they go, along with 3 tbsp of tahini, 3 tbsp lemon juice, ½ dl olive oil, 1 tbsp ground cummin, a couple of garlic gloves and, in my case, some fresh basil leaves. Once the blender is running, add approximately ½ dl of water. A little at a time until you have reached desired consistency.

 For serving, I sprinkled it with the little bit of olive oil we had left (shopping day tomorrow; phew!), some chili powder and even more cummin. My latest favourite lazy food is this creation above: Hummus Vegetable Wraps with crispy Potato Wedges and Caramelised Onion. (Not sure I can call it caramelised, perhaps fake caramelised? All I do is sprinkle a bit of agave syrup over the onion as its softened, but it tastes oh-so sweet!)