A Friday in January.

This term I have been fortunate enough to have both Wednesdays AND Fridays off from uni – hurray! Perfect for running errands and just catch up on LIFE a little. Here is what I have been up to today:


I had a fairly productive morning. I finalized my Erasmus application, did some uni-work and cleaned the whole flat. Outside was alternating between heavy showers and sunshine.


I bought this desk-planner a few months ago from my favourite shop Paperchase. Since then I have slowly neglected my diary. It reminds me of something my mother used to have at work back in the 90’s. I adore it. Possibly because I am a manic list-writer. This Organised Chaos of uppercase, lowercase, Swedish, English and course codes represents the past week.


After lunch, I went to the Arts & Crafts shop, which is really rather dangerous for my wallet. Above is the stuff I have bought this month alone, in Sweden and over here – any guesses what it is for?


Julien is always nagging on me to make smoothies, whereby I go “make it yourself”. Today was the day he finally did. It was meant to be under my supervision, but then the weirdo started adding lemon and cayenne pepper. I was like “hey we’re not making a salad here!!!”.

I named the poisonously green creation “banana guac” because yes it had a very Mexican feel.  (As a side, I had a wee bag of crisps to compensate the healthiness.)


When we moved in here, there was a box in the bedroom with a slow cooker inside and a note saying “feel free to use me”. At this instance, I am having my first go. I am not really sure what the hell I am doing, but at least I should not be able to burn anything so… that is something. Greetings, The Girl Who Both Burns and Under-cooks The Same Pancake.


Oh and today is also the #1 birthday of this sleeping beauty aka my niece! I cannot believe it has already been a year!