DIY: 2 ingredient body scrub


All coffee addicts raise a hand.

I am afraid this post is not on coffee per se, but instead on how you may reuse those coffee grounds rather than throwing them straight down the bin.

Personally, I love these lists like "38 ways to use coconut oil" etc. This is a combination of two such lists - a way to use coconut oil and coffee grounds to make...

A coffee-coconut body scrub! 


Mmm, I made this the other day and as the coffee lover I am thought it was a heavenly way to shower.

The recipe is super basic, one simply needs:

  • 2 parts coffee grounds
  • 1 part coconut oil

And then you just blend the two together using a spoon. (For my fellow Swedes: it feels a little like making chokladbollar!) You could opt the coconut oil with olive oil = a looser scrub, that is also easier to blend.


Make sure to wash all the coffee grounds off your body after use, but leave the coconut oil be - it works as a moisturizer. (If this was a TV-shop infomercial I'd be like "The coffee scrub TM - saving you time AND money! ;)")

Oh and PS: Do not use the scrub too late at night if you are caffeine-sensitive or there might not be too much sleep that night.