3 things

Good afternoon! This list is frequently circulating on Swedish blogs, it's always a delight to read so I figured I would translate it and give it a go myself! PS - how do you like the new layout of the blog?

3 things I look forward to
this term of sociology
→ brighter days
→ the new season of GIRLS (!!!)


3 things I dread
handing in another poetry commentary tomorrow
→ everything French grammar related
going grocery shopping soon, the rain is pouring down...

3 things I like
→ jasmine tea
→ writing lists
this song by Devendra Banhart (okay, ALL things Devendra Banhart)

3 things I dislike
→ that frozen is nowadays the normal state of my fingers/toes
→ having to clutch the key chain tightly walking home alone after dark
→ making official phone calls

3 things I want
→ unlimited travel-funds
→ a paperback copy of Big Magic
→ a bicycle

3 things I should
→ finish said poetry commentary
→ cancel the gym membership I never use
→ buy a pair of pants + socks

3 things I can
→ balance mugs of hot beverages on the sofa, to my mum/boyfriend’s great despair
→ easily spend too much money on coffee
→ imitate most Swedish dialects


3 things I cannot
→ whistle, like, at all
→ fry pancakes (how can they turn both undercooked and burnt at once?!)
→ write academically

3 things I talk about often
→ food
→ hormones
→ poo (habit that remains since my backpacking days…)

3 things on my mind
→ what to make for dinner (aka constant dilemma)
→ getting a tattoo
→ Australia

3 things that make me calm
→ the sea
→ bookshops
→ weeding (gardening i.e.)


3 things I will do this month
→ move house!
→ compose thousands of words in word documents
→ have been in the UK for a(nother) year

3 things I have done lately
→ used a bunch of whiskey-vouchers at the corner pub
→ gone scouting for a new room
→ binge watched Modern Family (to the extent I started to talk like the characters)