The Chickpeazza.

Haha oh lordy, I had thought of the ~witty title~ for this post for such a long time. Pleasantly giggling to myself. After a quick googling I realize it is far from some Super Clever Pun that only I had thought of, but hey hey, here comes a dish that is already an established joke! (Eh?)


I am seriously considering a category on this blog dedicated merely to the Magic of Chickpeas. The versatility of this little legume is simply ridiculous! This is another recipe using just chickpea flour + water... and it makes for a pizza crust! A crispy and gluten free chickpea pizza crust! Yay!



  •   1½ dl chickpea flour
  • 1 dl water
    (+ pizza herbs of choice)

Mix together and then let sit for 3-4 hours (or the whole day). It will look a bit like hummus, as you can see in the photo above! When you are set, preheat the crust at 225° for about 10 minutes, before adding your preferred pizza toppings.


I made a wee tomato sauce with red wine & lots of onion + garlic, sliced mushrooms,olives (we got a multipack from costco too the other day = gonna be eating olives 4ever) and Violife's original cheese that I picked up the other day passing by the 1st proper health food store I have seen since we arrived to Aberdeen (Grampian Health Store at Market St!)