7 TV series that I like.

Vicky made a post the other day (or week? #noconceptionoftime) recommending a bunch of tv series she enjoys, so I thought I'd shamelessly steal this concept and give you seven tv shows that I like. It is a journey traveling from the 70's to present day



Not that this list is meant to be a toplist but if it were - this is the given numero uno. To me this show is a darn masterpiece. When it was first released it was described as a "realistic SATC" and that is pretty much it. I like the ways it deals with topics such as mental illness and sex, and doing so with very complex and relateable characters. It is pretty heads on a portrait of this period of being 20-something and not knowing what the heck you are to do with your life, not even in the city of dreams.



Disclaimer! This show is highly addictive. (That is, if you have a sense of humor!) But if you think you might get stuck in the jungle of procrastination, fear not - as it only ran for one season pessimistic dad.
→ Fun fact: the mother is played by the same actress that plays Hannah's mother in Girls!



A newbie to the Netflix fam, by Girls co-producer Judd Apatow and with Gillian Jacobs in the lead = recipe for success? I would say so, I binge watched its first and so far only season in one weekend. Procrastination at its finest. I aaa-dore the way that Jacob's character is dressed too.



I love the group of friends on this loft. For days when I don't feel bothered to do anything - new girl is the perfect cure. Funny and easy going! Schmidt is my spirit animal.
→ Extra crush because I just recently started listening to Zooey Dechanel's band She & Him and I am bloody well mesmerized by the sound if it! Sooo good.



Another 90's runner - with Claire Danes and Jared Leto. This show also only went for one season (what is it with the 90's and dropping all good shows after one season?!) but it's filled with all that grungy lumber shirt fashion and spot on quotes from the main-character Angela's journal observations.



Late 1970's in a hazy Aussie coastal town, a coming of age themed show revolving around two teenage girls. Full of flared jeans, broad Australian accents and surf boards.

Others worth a peek is of course Swedish shows The Bridge (over here they even invented the term Scandinoir for all them thrillers that we create) and Real Humans.

→ What are your favourite shows?
Do you have some gems to recommend that I have missed?
Please share! x