The big list about FOOD.

Which pasta dish is your favorite?
Will I be considered abnormal if I say I am not actually a big fan of pasta dishes (!!!) Quickly y'all, hit me with your best pasta recipes!

How were you with food when you were little?
Omg, I was suuuch a fussy eater! I reckon my diet consisted mainly of macaroni, meat balls and all the ketchup. (I remember being heartbroken when my older bro announced he "no longer liked ketchup" at age 14... I was nine and convinced he must be adopted.) I bet if I ever have kids, karma is be all like "payback time" and create myself but x10 worse on the picky-scale.

Best chips flavor?
Over here I love the brand Kettle's, like salt and crushed peppercorn is probably my favourite. But also crisps made from root fruit, like parsnips beetroots and all that jazz.


 3 best products or produce?
Sweet potato, basil, nutritional yeast.

If you had to choose one food culture to eat from for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Probably Asian due to loads of veggie options with tofu and yummy curry pastes, spices and rices! *writing poetry*


Share a good food instagram!
That's a given one, @plantpoweredpantry aka Julia - like the other week she made GALAXY FUDGE? I adorez her.

What should the ultimate taco contain?
Avocado, sweet corn, tofutti sourcream, beans fried in taco seasonings, onion, coriander, tomato, cucumber... Something like that!

What is the best form of potato?
Okay let's just get one thing straight - POTATO IS LIFE!!! But I still reckon that just oven roasted plain ol'potatoes are the best. Preferably sweet ones.

Do you have any expensive food habit?
I recently noticed they sell vegan cheese (violife) at my local supermarket, and since I use the tips from work to make my food purchases I tend to buy one... or two... packs a week. Tips is great though, I feel like it counts as monopoly money and thus allow myself to SPLURGE.

What do you cook if you don’t have a lot of time?
At the moment it is definitely wraps. With hummus, spinach, cucumber, sweet potato, chickpeas, vegan cheese and then I drown it in nutritional yeast.

What’s your signature dish?
That's difficult to answer, I kind of prefer to try out new recipes rather than keep making the same thing in an attempt to perfect it.


Top 3 restaurants in the city you live in?
I kind of resent going out for meals over here in the UK as I feel you often end up paying far too much for something that a) they buy deep frozen from like Asda only to microwave it/put it in the deep fryer b) you could've made way better (and less expensive) yourself. But Foodstory will definitely have to be on the list - they serve some seriously divine stuff and they cater for us herbivores!

What does the best weekend breakfast consist of?
A good weekend breakfast would, to me, include a slow morning that gives you time to cook. I am thinking some nice pancakes, ovenbaked oatmeal or a nicecream bowl topped with good stuff... aka anything but the overnight oats I normally have on working days! And coffee of course, nothing as tasty as that first cuppa coffee in the morning!

What food or produce did you last learn to like?
That would probably be pickles or something as such.

Is there any food you’re not exactly bragging about liking?
Umm... Maybe sauerkraut? Perhaps I was German in another life.

Your best budget dish?
Curries and rice! Make one mega batch and have food for several days. Plus, bunker up on spices in Asian supermarkets = saves tonnes of money!

 What do you usually eat for lunch?
Hehe, it's like a stand-in joke at work that I order my Baked Potato with hummus, courgettes and mushrooms but the veggie options aren't exactly overwhelming and besides potato is tasty and also filling so I stay energized for the long shifts. Win - win.

Best food and drink a Friday night?
Nothing like veggie burgers and beer to ease into the weekend.

What dish do you think more people should discover?
I reckon people should be more open-minded to veg(etari)an food in general - it saves the lives of others, yourself and the planet we live on. Buy a copy of "Vego" magazine and start cooking!


Share a smart cooking tip!
Well I don't know about you, but when I found out you can cut the spring onion rather than chopping it... Mind = blown. Such a time saver!

What do you cook if you cook for many?
Most probably Sweet Potato + Black Bean burgers (now featuring this Mango & Ginger Salsa) or like a big curry with rice.

What sauce is the best?
Satay sauce, obvi.

What produce do you wish was in season right now? Mango (perhaps they are in season? I never buy bcs pricy </3)

Original list by Vegokäk, translated by Vicky.