Avocado & Almond Butter Toast.


Yesterday as I was having some almond buttery toast I glanced over at an avocado laying over at the kitchen counter, thinking "... could it BE?" (This is read with Chandler's voice obvs.)

Turns out YES - it most certainly CAN be! I present you the avo and almond butter
→ 5 out of 5 toasts!


I won't even bother writing down a recipe, I reckon it is fairly clear; simply toast the bread. Meanwhile slice the avocado. Once toasted, add almond butter and avo on your bread slices. Possibly sprinkle some sea salt on top - aaand Bob's your uncle! (Perhaps. I'll be the first to admint, I know nothing of your family tree.) Breakfast of champions.


 At the moment we live in a toaster-less household, which certainly is the first time in my life, so I toasted the bread using a frying pan. Works wonders too, you just need to remember to flip it ever so often.


What are you lovelies up to this weekend? Myself I will be serving coffees at the cafe the whole weekend through. And most likely eating plenty of sandwiches like these above.