DIY Wire Noticeboard.


A while back I announced how I am trying to revamp our little rental space by using little to no means of money - so the other week I made this wire noticeboard to adorn the writing table. All for a grand total of £8.48, the most expensive part being the spray paint.

The base itself comes straight out of our garden. We have three of these standing around unused, so I figured one could might as well move inside. However, you may also purchase some wire cloth and then cut it into an appropriate size. This is well lighter and thus allows you to hang it on the wall like an ordinary notice board, if you would wish to.



  1.  Start by cleaning the grid using a sponge and some soapy water.
  2. Make sure the ground is covered, you can use a bunch of old paper cartons or plastic bags.
    I stayed out in the garden doing this to prevent staining (and odor, although I do love the scent of spray paint!)
  3. Once the grid has dried and the ground is covered - spray a first thin layer of paint all over+ one side of the pins. Leave the paint to dry for 45ish minutes, before applying a second coat of paint.
  4. Wait another couple of hours to bring the grid inside, leaving it on plastic bags to be absolutely sure it is dry before starting to decorate.
  5. Go crazy with pins! And light bulbs!

As a bonus it also provides storage for jewelry/sunglasses.