One year. Three homes.


This is where we live now. Our third home in 9 months.

Although it is only on the other side of town, everything is so brand new. In a thrilling way. Getting to know a new neighbourhood; the distance in minutes to the supermarket, which coffeeshops serve soy milk, memorizing the order of bridge-pub-post office on my way home, passing the bored-looking siberian husky surveying the street from his window; all whilst Aberdeen is dressed in a fine suit of autumny bright yellow.

The walk to the café in the morning has increased to the double and perhaps I ought to start taking the bus, but at the same time I feel too impatient to stand still and wait for the timetable to decrease so I rather walk. Me and my audiobooks, playing through J's headphones that I nick from him each morning (eventhough I know he hates it when I do as he thinks I am too reckless to be trusted with any set of headphones.)

So far, so good.