Full Vegan Breakfast & the vanishing of 2 months rent.


The other week on my day off, I cooked up a Full English Breakfast... without the decaying body parts i.e., making Full Vegan Breakfast a much more suitable title!

It contains the following:

> Baked Beans
> Hummus
> Veggie Sausages from Linda McCartney
> Brown Toast
> Fried Mushrooms
> Grilled Cherry Tomato
> Scrambled Tofu
> Rice paper-b*con)

Also, can we just take a moment here to talk about what a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN the combination of baked beans and hummus is?! I discovered this the summer before last at the little coffeeshop I used to work at in Bath, and now it is a standard element of my cooked British brekkie. (Okay standard element might be an exaggeration of an event that occurs once a year tops…)


If you follow me on instagram you may have caught a glimpse of Lonely Planet's guide to Japan laying around - well it is there for a reason. I AM TRAVELLING TO JAPAN THIS SPRING!!! Two whole weeks! (Literally I was thinking to myself "Linnea, if you spent£18 on a guide book you best get it to use!!!) I booked the tickets the other day, aka that is two months worth of rent that just flew away like the emoji of dollar bills with wings.

Have any of you reading ever been to Japan? Do you have any killer suggestions of things to eat/see/do? Don't be a stranger!