Top 12 of 2016 | Most Popular Posts Month by Month.

As 2016 is, at long last, coming to an end I figured a wee resume of the year would be in place - in true bloggery spirit. Thus I have gone through my stats and gathered the posts that you guys have enjoyed the most throughout year.

Looking through the archive like this is loads of fun, in particular when one can clearly see (or so I imagine lol!) a development in the content. After I dropped out of university (see April's top post ↓) I dusted off my old DSLR and started using that rather than my iphone for documenting and it has really brought joy back into photographing and I hope that it shows.

Speaking of development, I just wish to take a moment (ok this is starting to sound like I am holding a speech at the Oscars!) and give big thumbs up to Annie for initiating Månadens Gröna - it has truly inspired my throughout the past months to think, and cook, outside of the infamous "box".

Now, do you have a favourite amongst the top 12?


Kicking the month off with a photo diary from a year-or-so earlier in Hanoi.

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Cauliflower Sushi


I finally get around to make the hyped (and super easy) avocado pasta and wish I would have done so sooner.

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DIY: 2 ingredient body scrub


Me and Julien spend an afternoon out in Stonehaven and visit Dunnottar castle in the arctic winds. The day after I espace life and book a one way ticket to the save haven of the Swedish forests; where I hide from all responsibilities, cuddle baby nieces and make loads of vegan grub.

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Shakshuka the vegan way | with Avocado & Tahini.
Mango + Ginger Salsa | with Chili & Coriander


After weeks on end of constant and hysterical crying I decide to drop out of my course; desperately searching for a plan b I go on gumtree and soon after have my new, and current, job. No looking back since.

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Hot Cauliflower Buffalo Wings | with Vegan Tzatziki.
Thai Green Curry Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.


Sun shining over Aberdeen and the lawns were filling up with sunthirsting students. Me and Julien spent the afternoons out on the porch soaking up the rays, then went to visit his parents in France for a week.

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4-ingredient Sweet Potato Falafel.
The WWOOFing Guide + My Experiences.


Continuing on the lines of the rhubarb and ginger combination - I made a vegan cheesecake. My family came for a visit and I exhausted myself by cooking up 3 course meals each night.

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Strawberry & Avocado Salsa
France Day 1 + 2: Vines and Château Pesquié.


Apart from working, I spent a weekend in Copenhagen with my mum and absolutely adored the city.

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Tomato Quiche | with Red Pesto.
Copenhagen Day 1: Rosenborg Castle and yoga posing swans.


After a long summer of work me and Julien finally headed off for a one week holiday driving around the Highlands.

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Carrot + Tarragon soup | Cheap vegan meals.
Blackberry Pizza Bianco | with Basil & a brilliant vegan cheese mix.


Back to reality after the holiday. I immsered myself in the making of t*na from sunflower seeds. Oh internet, you never cease to amaze me.

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Pasta al Pomodoro & Vegan T*na.
Isle of Skye, Day 2: The Old Man of Storr & black sand dunes.


For most parts of the month I was stressed senseless as we, once again, needed to find a new place to stay. On the bright side I made these sushi sandwiches ↑ which may just be the best love child I ever crossed.

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Quick vegan Phở-inspired soup.
Saturday in Copenhagen: Christiania & Step-counter records.


We settle in to our new place and get to know a new part of Aberdeen, which feels pretty exciting. (Apart from perhaps how I now have to walk 1,5hrs each day to get to and from work...)

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Red Curry Lentil Lasagna | with Tahini Dressing.
One year. Three homes.


Half way through the month, this is the post that has performed the best. I announce that I spent two months of rent on flight tickets to Japan! Only three-ish months to go!!!

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Apple & Ginger Compote and Vegan Gingerbread Nutella.
Things to do in Aberdeen//Granite City Gems.

There we have it - my year at a glance. What do you wish to see more of on the blog in 2017?