My 2016 wishlist | from me to myself.

Basically I have two modes of spending money. It is either not at all or going all in, full throttle, the whole caboodle. For 2017 however I wish to decrease impulse purchases, and follow a list of "things I actually need" and can vouch for, before spending my pennies. I am also playing with the idea of, for all of the next year, shopping solely second hand. (Except for perhaps undies...?)


For Christmas I am not one for participating in the mayhem hysteria that goes on in the shopping centres, quite the contraty, but this below is my general wishlist, from me to myself! Some more necessary than others, but I do feel like I can vouch for it all. Here goes, brought to you in shape of a highly skillful copy/paste photoshop collage by yours truly. ↓

1.Black wide legged-trousers.
Preferably linen like these from M&S. Mainly to not have to wear tights and skirts for work each day (and thus spend a fortune on tights) and to let them lady parts breathe too you know! o wear for both work and leisure. To let them lady parts breathe you know! ;)

2. All Vegan Make-up.
Not that I wear make-up all too often, but when doing so I would like to be able to do support the products whole-heartedly. However knowing what is cruelty- and animal biproduct free feels like such a jungle?! Help a rookie out plz!

3. Henna hair colour.
Some years back I used to change the appearance of my hair like each and every month. In the more recent ones I have laid low on the hair colouring fron though - too many chemicals etc. I have however been treating my hair to some henna paste once in a while. Now, henna doesn't do much colourwise to already dark hair, but it does help to make it stronger and shinier. Perhaps this henna bar from Lush would be worth a shot.

4. Mesh Make-up Bag.
I am in need of a practical toiletry bag for travel, and this mesh one from UO just screams practical (aka see through) to me. As well as it looking mighty fine.

5.Reusable Take Away-Mug.
I buy/bring from work way too many paper mugs on a weekly basis than I am proud to admit. I have been on the look out for a reusable one for some time and the ones from KeepCup are both appealing to the eye and eco friendly. Killer combo! Here in design 'Press.'

6. Backpack.
I do dig a nice canvas bag, but backpacks are just better to evenly distribute the weight - else I find myself constantly carrying all the grocery shopping on one shoulder and walking home like a crescent. My current backpack is near falling apart despite my desperate needle and thred-attempts at restoration. When it furthermore, a few months back, was showered in beer as a girl at work dropped some cans of Guinness to the floor in the staff room I thought "okay this might be the good time to say good bye."These ones of nepali hemp look pretty rad, that is perhaps why they are all sold out too.

What is on your wishlist for x-mas, if you are at all celebrating it, or in general? x