Potato and Leek soup | with a Spicy Twist.


I reckon Potato and Leek soup was one of, if not the very, first recipe we ever tried in the mandatory Home Economics in grade 7. Personally, I had never really been a fan of such traditional soups (in before strong deja vu’s of Sunday dinners at grandma’s and stews with chewy pieces of meat floating around…) yet I remember as we slurped on the warm soup before our next class was to commence just how tasty I thought it was. I guess there is just something special about having cooked something yourself from scratch – is it not?


Needless to say, potato and leek soup is somewhat a western classic. If you are a frequent visitor of the blog, you may know how I like to twist classics up with more ~oriental~ flavours. As I vistied Sweden at the beginning of the month, I tried this soup made of leek, potato and red thai curry and my tastebuds broke out in a choreography of the happy dance. What follows here is my recreation ↓


For garnish:
fresh coriander
black pepper
potato dices

→ 2 leeks, trimmed + chopped
→ 3-4 medium sized potatoes, diced
→ 1 brown onion
→ 2-4 cloves garlic
→ 1 can coconut milk
→ ½-1 litre vegetable stock
→ 1 tbsp red thai curry paste
salt + pepper, to taste
→ some fresh coriander

Saute onions and leeks until softened, add in rest of ingredients. Stir thoroughly, let simmer on low heat until potatoes are softened. The tinier you have diced the potatoes, the shorter the cooking time will be. Mix until smooth in food processor.

—› Alternatively, shove everything into a slow cooker - cook on low temperature for 9hrs. No need for blending the soup after this as it will be super tender.

Add salt + pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh coriander, black pepper and diced potato.