Spicy T*na Rolls.


Remember how one can make tuna out of sunflower seeds? I have done so again and this time as part of a spicy tuna maki with cucumber. Back when I lived in Melbourne one of my standard on-the-go foods would be just a sushi roll from one of the many joints surrounding the CBD — fast food that is actual food!



→ 1 tbsp vegan mayo
→ 1 tsp sriracha
→ 1 tsp lemon juice
→ ½ tsp sesame oil

1 batch vegan "tuna", as by Green Kitchen Stories
→ sushi rice (+ apple cider vinegar + maple syrup)
→ nori sheets
→ cucumber (or other filling of choice - perhaps avocado?)

First off, leave your sunflowers to soak for at least 6 hours or simply leave them overnight. Once sunflowers are set, cook the rice according to package instructions. I like to add a tablespoon each of cider vinegar and maple syrup once the rice is cooked, for extra flavour. While rice is cooking; prepare your tuna mixture in the food processor then add in the spicy mayonaise.

Once ready to roll; place nori sheet with the rough side facing you. If you do not have a bamboo mat you may use a kitchen towel and some plastic foil for rolling your sushi. — Spread the rice in an even layer with wet hands, then your cucumber sticks and tuna mayo mix before rolling it.


The tea towel and plastic wrap-trick is particularly handy for two reasons:

1) it holds the roll together whilst the nori gathers some moist from the fillings and thus stabilizes.

2) storing the sushi in the fridge → handy grab-and-go snack!