Vegan in Edinburgh: What to Eat & Where.

As I type this I am just returned from a weekend in the capital of Scotland. I'll admit the wallet is a bit thinner, but this vegan belly o'mine has been properly wined and dined ! Below is a list of places where we went for food in one of the UK's most vegan friendly cities and what I thought of them ↓


The Auld Hoose
23-25 St Leonard St
Open daily from noon-12:45am
Cuisine: Classic pub grub with vegan options

My thoughts on bringing the BF here "music for him (punk/metal), food for me". This place claims to have the largest nachos in Edinburgh. We definitely understimated this, ordering a sharing platter for 2with a side of chips. Despite how we were two hangry bastards at the time, there was not really a need for those chips. (That must be a first such a sentence derives from my mouth.)

Atmosphere wise I found it so-so, not really what one has in mind for a place that claims to be punk. HOWEVER it is a dog friendly pub so that automatically makes everything better. Life fact.


The Baked Potato Shop
56 Cockburn St
Open daily from 11am-8pm
Cuisine: Vegetarian with vegan options

If this is not fast food at its finest, then I do not know what is. Located in the heart of old town this wee venue looks like it has remained untouched since its opening in 1983. A small tattie comes at just under a fiver, stuffed with your filling of choice. Note: No card transactions under £5, however one can get a small tattie with two fillings for £5.70.


Hendersons Salad Table *
94 Hanover Street
Open from 8am Mon-Sat, 10:30am on Sundays
Cuisine: Vegetarian, with vegan options clearly marked

Canteen style vegetarian lunch spot; surprisingly larger than expected with tables moving around quickly (meaning that on a Saturday afternoon it was not a problem to find a table for two). Plentiful of choice and they also do a bunch of meal deals where for just over a tenner one can include either a starter soup or dessert with ones main.

Henderson's Vegan *
25 Thistle Street
Open for breakfast between 9am-11:30am, evenings reserved for bistro style food

Cuisine: Vegan

This one is literally around the corner (you can even get from one to the other via the back doors/bathrooms) from the former, but specialices since 2015 exclusively in vegan cuisine. This makes it alone in its genre of fine dining for vegans in Edinburgh. I came in for breakfast one frosty Monday morning and was, apart from one rushed kiwi couple, alone. Enjoyed a stack of buckwheat pancakes topped with caramelised pears and coconut cream which were divine. Am really intrigued to visit their bistro one night!


Moon & Hare *
167 Bruntsfield Pl
Weekdays 10am-6pm, Weekends 9.30-6pm
Cuisine: Vegan and Gluten Free

Waffles. Vegan Waffles. There was absolutely no doubt what I was having for breakfast the Sunday morning we visited Moon & Hare. With the exception of the choice for dairy milk with your coffee, the menu was exclusively vegan (and gluten free.) Now I have tendencies to not be the biggest fan of how these two tend to get clenched together; I mean, onebeinga lifestyle, the other a diet, but I suppose it is a winning concept. The only thing I would wish for, seeing as things both vegan + gf can get a little dry, is that the amount of chocolate sauce that was drizzled over the waffles would not have been so spartan.

Other than so, the place is real cosy. Throw up some colourful light bulbs and you got me hooked. The lunch time menu looks well interesting and they also have a little shop within the store, which always is delightful to eye while awaiting your food.


NovaPizza Vegetarian Kitchen
42 Howe Street
Open daily 12:30-9:30pm, closed Tuesdays
Cuisine: Vegetarian with Vegan options

It is not often that one is spoilt by choice as a vegan. In most cases I will have eyed the menu online in advance and know exactly which one (out of the two) meals I want. At N0va I had to ask the waitress for extra time! The pizza is served on a delicious crispy crust, the drinks menu marks out which wines are vegan and they have a whole selection of sweets SFV on their specials list. I had a vegan crème brûlée, which I have wanted to try since the very first time I saw Amélie, and it was pure delicious with a generous amount of lemon zest. This was by far my favourite eatery out of all the food we had this weekend.

*** One thing that confuses me is the choice of mylk used at these places. They have an impressive range of non-dairy milks to choose for your coffees, along with pricy espresso machines, yet these milks used are not well suited for steaming. If one pays near 3 quid for a cuppa coffee would you not expect abit better quality? When there are plenty of plant milks good for steaming. (I'm looking at you, Oatly Foamable!) I don't know, perhaps it is just an extra pet peeve of mine since I serve coffee all day long.

That pretty much summarizes my weekend of Eating in Edinburgh, which is more or less what the getaway ended up being about. As I mentioned before, there are so many places I did not get around to. Only so little time!

Once edited, I will post some photos from the parts of the weekend not revolving around food. (Well, not entirely anyway.) It includes an epic rainbow over Arthurs Seat.

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