A Month of Bullet Journaling.



It has been a few months already since I set up my very first Bullet Journal after crossing the concept somewhere along the world wide web back in October. In short, the bullet journal is a place to collect your thoughts and to do's, but in a creative manner. It is all built on a language of bullet points.

For an avid list writer like myself, it provides an ideal format that allows me to have everything gathered in one place — rather than spread over telephone notes, a diary and a college pad which is about ready to fall apart. It is all to be found within the cover of one journal. This helps me -immensely- when it comes to staying organised and inspired. Also, the satisfaction level in ticking a task off as completed is high.

Let us have a look at some of the key concepts + how I have done the layout for February ↓


All you really need to start bullet journal is apen and a notebook. However, I like to use some colourful markers for decorative purposes, a ruler to create straight lines, apencil and an eraser can also be useful, to avoid layout mistakes. (Not saying they won't happen anyway!)


The language of a bullet journal is built on bullet points marking out tasks and events. I follow a pattern looking comme ça:

• Task
× Task completed
> Task postponed
< Task scheduled
ο Event
- Notes
∗ Important, to be prioritized



This is an overview of what is to come throughout the month; events, birthdays, tasks you want completed etc. Mine features an objectives and to do-list. For this month I have also chosen to include a "memories" section; meaning I leave room for little illustrations, cinema tickets and what not, of what I wish to remember as the month progresses.


The title is pretty self explanatory, your habit tracker is (surprise, surprise)  a way of tracking your habits throughout the month. Things you want to do more, or less, of. I tend to change these ones up every once in a while. This month I am tracking how often I

  • practise handlettering
  • work
  • have my period
  • feel anxious
  • get up by 7am
  • ... and to bed before 11pm
  • floss m'fangs
  • spend money, or rather not spend money
  • exercise
    have 3 meals a day
    (been getting into a nasty habit of skipping breakfast)
  • wash my hair
  • do a 15 minute clean
    (so helpful for a LazyGirl™ like myself; put on some music, then a timer and clean until the alarm beeps)
  • stretch
    (as part of my 2017 goals, remember?)
  • blog


Here I keep track on my work hours as well as things to be completed throughout the week. I also include a small section for which blog posts to publish and what I need to prepare for them (like photographs for this, body text for that). Above you can see one started vs one empty weekly layout.


Throughout my journal I also have a bunch of collections. Some of these include itinerarys for Edinburgh (also working on my Japan one), vegan items tested for this post, books to read and ideas for future blog posts/recipes.

This is one of the features that makes the concept of bullet journaling so appealing to me, as I am a compulsive list writer extraordinaire.

If a BuJo sounds like something for you; more ideas on how to get started and organized can be found at the bulletjournal-website. For inspiration on layouts and concepts to include, I recommend a visit to pioneers on the topic such as Boho Berry and Full Flourish.