Sa Pa (or 'the Never-ending mountains')

This post has been laying unpublised along my blog post drafts since just about the beginning of forever, so I thought now would be a good time to post it. Little bits of a trip to northern Vietnam.

After Hanoi, we wave Emily good bye after 3 months of constant companionship and off on the bus to the rice terraces of Sa Pa we go. The night bus - a splendid way to save a night's accommodation whilst being transported to a new city, ey?

Sleep is unfortunately deprived this night, as it is tricky to meet Mr Sandman whilst being thrown from one side to another of the seat. Us farangs get the top bunks of this three-row sleeping bus. (Never have I seen such a bus layout in my life!!)


Literally as soon as we get off the bus to have a walk around the town and look for decent accommodation, we are stalked (yes, stalked! I know of no better word to describe it) by two teeny tiny Vietnamese ladies. They want to take us to tour their village later on the same day, or eventually the day after. Having not slept a wink, we politely mumble some "we will see later" and "maybe"'s.

... Yet they follow us all the way to, and even inside, our hostel.

... Going for lunch at the local food market a few hours later, they find us within minutes.

It seems we cannot rid ourselves of these two until we have said the magic words, and so we agree to meet them again the following morning.


Now, Sa Pa has the most beautiful of scenery, but it is also (or perhaps because of that) a very touristic place. It really makes you feel like a wandering dollar-sign and that is part of why I have a hard time to fully enjoy my time in these blue mountains.


But the scenery encountered was pretty spectacular.


Mae shows off her indigo hands.


We crossed this tiny village school and went inside as the kids were on their break. It was so interesting to see – and a really beautifully decorated place too!


And these amazing buffalos(?). It does not matter how many times I google their rightful name, it literally vanishes from my mind a few seconds later.


Northern Vietnam was much colder than the tropical climates we had gotten accustomed to to, so we bunkered up in all of our clothes. Here Heidi mannequins how fabulous it looked.

PLUS we had a canopy bed!!! Childhood dream come true!