Vegan convenience foods I have tried lately #2


Gather around for yet another post of vegan convenience foods. Context: With vegan products increasing at an explosive speed, there is plentiful intriguing finds to be made in the supermarkets. In this series of posts I go through some products that I have brought home as of lately and let you know what I thought of them, and if they are worth your pennies.

You can read the 1st part of the series here. This time there will be some sausages, some cheese and some chocolates put to the test ↓

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles
Price: £7
Where to find: Check at a larger Sainsbury's or your local health food shop, or check their stockist list online.
Rate: 5/5

Gsus, had I been eyeing these out in the stores for some time before I decided to ignore the £7 price tag and TREAT M'SELF. These are the kind of Melt In The Mouth sort of Divine. Yet a wee skeptical about the price, you do not want to eat chocolate with a reminder at the back of your mind of exactly how many pennies are melting away on your tongue. It also feels like something you could make yourself in a wider quanitity for about the same price. Bonus for pretty packaging (gift idea!) and also lasting a bit longer as you really cherish it.

Cauldron Vegan Sausages (with mediterranean grilled vegetables, haricots and tomato pesto)
Price: £2.25
Where to find: Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons, Etc.
Rate: 3/5

I bought these on a too lazy too cook-impulse. Rather than attempting to emulate actual meat sausages these ones are letting the flavours of the veggies "shine through", only dressed up in shape of sausages... If that makes sense? Definitely worth having a package laying around freezer — just remember to flip them half way through if cooking in the oven.

Sainsbury's Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies
Price: £1.40
Where to find: Sainsbury's
Rate: 5/5

I will easily eat a package of these in one sitting. Then again, anything whispering the sweet promise of Chocolate Chips are bound to be a favourite of mine.


Follow Your Heart Pizza Mix Parmesan + Mozzarella
Price: ~£4.89
Where to find: H&B, local health store or try their online stockist list
Rate: 4,5/5

I have actually used this one once before and then gave it praise words such as Brilliant. I still stand by that, it melts really well for a vegan cheese and the taste is is there too! One of the superior vegan cheeses imho.

Choices Dairy Free Confectionary Milk Chocolate Bunny
Price: £.99
Where to find: H&B, ASDA, Sainsbury's Free From sections
Rate: 0/5

Just no. If I am gonna have chocoalte I actually want it to taste like it. This is an example when "Free From" turns into free from all flavours and fun unfortunately...


Sainsbury's Free From Macaroni Cheese-Style
Price: £3
Where to find: Larger Sainsbury's complexes, chilled free from-aisle
Rate: 3,5/5

The week that this was announced coinsided with my local store being shut down for renovations! What! I yet got excited enough to cross town, which resulted in getting lost but gaining a cold, in order to get myself one of these little boxes of melty vegan goodness. J thought the price was a bit rough (3 quid) but I reckon that is fairly standard for a ready-made meal(?). It definitely needed some additional seasonings but I am still digging how vegan foods are becoming increasingly accessible! Thumbs up!

Consider It Chocolate Vegan Creme Eggs
Price: £1.99
Where to find: Local Heatlh Food Shop
Rate: 3/5

Did these create some fuss at the FB-page for vegan Aberdonians. People were muy excited about these little chocolate creations and they quickly sold out. I managed to get hold on some after they were re-stocked. My first impression was not overwhelmingly great, I kind of expected something more along the lines of milk chocolate like the Vego bar I wrote of last time. Of course, one should always have a bland palette when trying something new. The second one was well better tasting! More things like these please!

Exciting times ahead now that Tesco are lining up with Sainsbury's in the race for vegan customers; announcing their own range of dairy free-cheeses. Apparently the critics of Gary are seeming to approve of Tesco's range... Of course, I have a whole world of vegan producs to explore here in the motherland. I will imagine plenty of them having the name Oatly written across the package.

Have you tried any of the products above, if so - what did you think of them? Also if you have any tips or ideas for things to try next, drop a comment below! <3