21 Recipes for a Vegan BBQ.


Barbecue season is upon us, folks! Whether you are a fellow vegan looking for ideas on what to throw on the grill, an omni wondering what to make for your non-meat eating guests or simply someone wishing to eat more plants - keep reading!

Now I cannot control the weather (if I could your days would be filled with sun and soft breezes) but I can however provide you with some fabulous ideas for food.


  (Photo credits:  MinimalistBaker )

(Photo credits: MinimalistBaker)


If you are up for making something from scratch, may I suggest:
Minimalist Baker's Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burger
Jamie Oliver's The Best Vegan Burger

Alternatively you can grill
a) marinated tofu blocks — defrosted ones are better at absorbing marinades
b) portabello mushrooms - like natures answer to "meat substitute"
c) scan your local supermarket's frozen food section - there are likely to be some frozen veggie patties. Just look out for egg whites etc!

Note: Make sure buns are also free of animal products. Same goes for hot dog buns. If you are new to the topic, have a look at this guide by SeriousEats.



→ Veggie Rainbows
You can make beautiful rainbow skewers with vegetables. These ones are particularly favourable on the grill: mushrooms, bell peppers, courgettes, aubergines, cherry tomatoes, cobs, garlic cloves.
→ Soy protein
Try some tofu pieces or perhaps tempeh added on your grill sticks.

  (Photo Credits:   ThugKitchen  via  LeitesCulinaria )

(Photo Credits:  ThugKitchen via LeitesCulinaria)


Carrot dogs
How crazy yet enchanting does this not sound? Follow this simple recipe to find out.
→ Grilled avocado
Nothing like a hot dog, but still the yummiest nature has. Slice an avo in two, remove the pit and brush with a squeeze of citrus juice and olive oil, then place face down on the grill for circa 3 minutes. Remove skin, load into bun and add your favourite toppings.
→ Homemade Seitan Hot Dogs
If you have got time on your side - make your own seitan dogs from scratch.

Pre-packaged ones are available from Linda McCartney (all sausages are vegan), Tofurky, Cauldron Foods etc.

→ Also have a look at Vegan Soul Power's Hot Dog Toppings to Drool over with traditional toppings from around the globe.




Can we really count potato as a side? In my heart it is definitely always the main star <3

→ French style potato salad
Mayo who? This combination is très simple yet so tasty! Boil ~800 grams diced potato, then mix with 3 chopped shallots, fresh parsley and 1½ tbsp capers, then mix with a dressing containing of 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, 1 tbsp water,  2 tsp dijon mustard + a pinch salt, sugar and black pepper.
→ Grilled Potato in foil wraps
Pre-cook the potato 5 minutes, then toss with spices of your liking (salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, lemon peel - you name it!) before adding in a bit of foil wrap topping with some dairy free butter. Grill for circa 30 minutes.
→ Luxurious Artichoke Pesto Potato Salad
In blender, combine: 400 g artichoke hearts, a handfush fresh parsley, 1 dl sunflower seeds, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 garlic cloves and 1,5 dl olive oil + salt & pepper to taste. Combine with 800 g boiled potato, 100 g sundried tomatoes, 2 handfuls fresh spinach. (Original recipe in Swedish.)

  (Photo Credits:  A Virtual Vegan )

(Photo Credits: A Virtual Vegan)


What better way to celebrate the warmer months than with an abundance of fresh herbs? Sprinkle them on everything. 

→ Watermelon + Mint
Fruity, fresh and fabulous! Head over to A Virtual Vegan for a guidance.
→ Filling Fun Pasta
Pasta salad is pretty straight forward; check out Queen Vegokäk's blog for inspiration, maybe Spring Pasta with Edamame and Mint (where you opt the feta for salted peanuts) or make a salad style dish of her Artichoke & Beluga Lentil pasta. Yum, yum, yum!
→ Something simple
Bring out your best knife and get chopping for this Tabbouleh.



→ Dairy-free Tzatsiki
Goes so well with smokey tones and is so easy to make. Cucumber, garlic, a dash of lemon juice and simply opt the scary dairy sour cream for a vegan version.
→ Fruity Salsa
Yes please, may I completely impartial suggest my Mango & Ginger one or Strawberry & Avocado - guaranteed to send your taste buds on a one way trip to Yum-aica!
→ Satay sauce
If your making skewers, this just makes sense. Peanutty goodness! Click here for recipe.

  (Photo credits  Laura Edwards  via  RachelKhoo )

(Photo credits Laura Edwards via RachelKhoo)


→ Chamomile & Elderflower Gin Bowl
A cooling drink to enjoy between bites. Recipe found here.
→ Vibrant Turmeric Lemonade
Sunshine in a bottle! Head to The Glowing Fridge for recipe.
→ Cloudy Ginger & Rhubarb Mojitos
Spicy, punchy, refreshing! My own recipe from last year.

What is your favourite thing to BBQ? Leave some inspiration in the comments below! <3