Summer post cards and future plans.

Mid-october. Already I am dreading the compact darkness that conquers Scandinavia for the latter part of the year. I suppose, in a way, it is pay back time for all those infamous bright, bright summer nights we get.

I have an escape route planned out though. An emergency exit in shape of a flight ticket (as per usual). A work holiday-visa application has been sent for New Zealand and while waiting for it to process, I will spend time in northern Thailand. Buzzing street markets, steaming ristretto and apparently there is a lantern festival taking place in my favourite Chiang Mai early November.

Have any of you been to New Zealand before? If so, any killer tips on places to see, eat, explore?

As for now, here are some post cards from my summer. Note to self: Clean camera lens!

Days (and nights) at the cottage. The full June moon reflecting over the sea isjust mesmerising.
Another day, I emptied the privy of furniture to clean and left half an art gallery among the trees.

Picking spruce shoots from the backyard to make syrup... to put in G&T's.

A boat trip with the parents to visit Holmön.

We watched a stage play held outdoors, then walked around the isle...

... Ending up at their wooden lighthouse at Bergudden.

Ida took me on a day road trip to celebrate my birthday. One of the places we visited was Brännland - a stone quarry where people go to dive off the rocks into the turqouise water.

Another month, another full moon. This is the view from my kitchen table, dreamy eh!
Also!!! Top tip: Bringing artichokes as a vegan/vegetarian alternative to a cray fish party is queen. Why? It is equally fiddly to eat and it tastes yummy! Boil the artichokes for 30-40 minutes along with vegetable bouillon, junipers, fresh dill, black pepper, bay leaves and you are good as golden.