Granny Squares & Peonys (or 'How I got on with my 2017 goals')

The best thing I take with me from this year is the knowledge that emotions are, in fact, not permanent; as I have sat through alarm after alarm of 15 minutes, waiting for Anxiety to get bored of hanging around.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do, aim for or accomplish throughout the year. I would not exactly call them the classical new year's resolutions, more like a way to motivate myself into doing more. As the last blog post of the year, let's have a look at how I got on with my list of nine:

And here we are at yet another year crossing over into the next. I suppose a sure sign you are growing older is when the years just seem to rush past. 2017 has been, in the grand scheme of things, a lot better to me than the year previous was.

I started the year to the overwhelmingly loud sound of Scottish bag pipes and ended it on a rainy beach on the complete opposite end of the world; and I must say I am kind of liking the unpredictability of it all! 

Current life mantra 🖋#whatveganseat

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[ x ] Crochet a blanket out of granny squares.
Ever the time optimist I indeed managaed to complete, albeit a small, blanket out of granny squares in pastel colours. After many hours of Buffy the vampire slayer and sore fingers, it was completed on the 30th of October. Like, literally the day before I left Sweden.

[ x ] Practise hand lettering more.
I started the explanation of this one last year by saying that "I have spent so much money on buying pens the past months but I suppose it is like spending money on theraphy. Because that is exactly what it feels like" ... which is still very true.

[   ] Bathe in the North Sea.
Since I left Scotland earlier than I anticipated, I did not complete this one. (If you were walk down Aberdeen Beach on a March afternoon I am sure you would understand why!). I did swim in the Tasman Sea though, which is sometimes probably equally freezing. 


[   ] Eat properly.
I wanted to put in the effort of actually having 3 proper meals a day, but I can't say I have stuck with it. Sadly it is just a bit difficult when working split shifts in hospitality and sharing kitchen space with others and yada yada... but hey, at least my blood values are all good!

[ x ] Get inked.
Yes! I finally did it. I went into a tattoo studio in Chiang Mai one Friday morning, came back in the evening and had a customised peony drawn up that is now adorning my forearm. And I love it. Already planning for my next one.

[   ] Stretch properly. And often.
When reading this, with out the cross in the middle, inevitably, I think of one of the quotes my mum has on the fridge door. "One who does not make time for health, must be prepared to take time for sickness later", or something along those lines.



[ x ] Not consume on impulse, nor any brand new garments.
Apart from some new underwear and a pair of work shoes, I have actually refrained from buying any new garments for the entire year and instead used the stuff I already do have. As long as you stray away from temptation it really wasn't that difficult! This year I might have to treat m'self to a new pair of pantalones though.

[ x ] Watch Earthlings in full.
The things is, I started watching this documentary three times already before I actually managed to complete it. So I put it on my list for this reason,  and lo and behold, with only a few days left of the year I sat through it the other day. I cried just as much as anticipated but I still wanted to complete it as I do not think ignorance is bliss.

[ x ] Travel to Japan.
And so I did! I even opted that and ended up in New Zealand.

All in all, I would say I did pretty well! Did you have any goals or accomplishments set for the year - and how did you get on? I would love to hear it! x