Across the Bridge.


After covering the east coast, we set off for Ystad in the pouring rain. Parking right outside the tourist information, I had a bit of a misfortune with an encountering kerbstone. When by-passers were looking over at us grimacing. I knew something was terribly wrong.
I had gone a few millimetres too far, forcing the front cover to get stuck on the kerb.  A superhero in disguise stopped to offer his help; when we finally got unstuck I saw the flying dollar-emoji in front of my eyes as the right side of the cover was hanging loose. Bye, bye summer savings!

The first photos are from the airbnb we rented. Do not be deceived by the sunshine factor they hold; I merely made a time hop to a much sunnier Friday morning. But let us resume the Thursday ↓


Slowly making our way along the coast via the smaller countryside roads, the rain turning us into the laziest of tourists; reaching Skanör-Falsterbo we merely stuck the camera out the window to try and snap a photo.

Eventually we reached the Öresunds bridge and drove across to Denmark and Copenhagen.


Reminiscing my foot steps from the year previous, we had a coffee/beer break at Paludans Bog & Café, passed by Rosenborgs Castle and the many hollyhocks that grows seemingly out of the pavement around the castles former stables/staff housing.


A stop at Marmorkirken felt almost mandatory...


... as did a browse through Nyhavn (all to take them touristy photos ehh!!)


Hiding a construction site, they have put up these enchanting wobbly mirrors that some Pollock remnant must have gone loose on just a stones throw from Nyhavn. This along with interchanging art exhibits is really such an innovative way to hide a construction site!


Of course, the ultimate tourist thing to do in Copenhagen sits on this very rock. Literally seconds after we got back into the car the skies opened up (once again) and we took shelter from the monsoon hiding out in the car.

By mere coinsidence, we asked a by-passing guy in Christiania for the toilet. As it turns out, he was a fully educated naturopath and before we knew it, we were laying on blankets on his living room floor; getting herbal remedies and stories of the spirits living in his flat; 6 hours passed in a rush and we did not make it back to the bridge until around 2am. A very unexpected turn of events, but also the stuff anecdotes are made of.