DIY Lace Mosquito Window.


Over midsummer, I went to visit my brother and his (well, newer) family at their summer house. The house has pretty much remained in its original state over the decades which feels like entering a little time capsule in all its glory. One particularly pretty element I found were the mosquito nets decorated with lace! What a genius yet simple way to give the, normally all mismatchy-coloured and dull, ventilation implements a nicer look. On another plus note, it also works a bit like blinds, at least partly preventing people to peek inside.

So, as any great mind would do, I decided to copy paste the idea and apply it on my own mosquito nets. They, fitting the description above spot on, were in a definite need of an up do.

I used a set of old frames that were measured for my windows, but you can easily make a brand new one with a couple of wooden strips, glue and/or furniture nails.



  • old lace curtain
  • mosquito net
  • frame measured for your window
  • staple gun
  • hammer and/or knife


  1. Start by removing the old net and its staples, by using the knife and/or the back of your hammer.
  2. Attatch the mosquito net first: Lay the empty frame on top of the net, staple it to the frame with even intervalls and make sure to stretch the fabric as you go along. Cut the net off along the edges.
  3. Repeat step two but now using the lace fabric.

(The observant one will notice my images are differing from the written instruction - I just improvised, then a few days later watched my brother make new mosquito windows and realised his technique was way better - and thus that is what you find in the written explanation!)