Tour de Tjernell | Decorating on a budget.


Since I left Aberdeen, I have moved into my grandmother's wee summer cottage just by the sea. After spending the past years in hostels and rental flats, it has been a delight to be able to have full freedom in my endeavor of making the place my own. A realisation has made me go sort of berserk with colouring - but it sure feels nice to hear people verdict


This place feels so much like YOU.

The cottage was originally a milk bar (which is ironic as it is now inhabited by a vegan!) and was moved over from Umeå one winter when the ice was laying densely over the river.


My number one priority was not having to climb up to the loft to sleep each night (so annoying when you have climbed all the way up there only to go "darn it, should I pee?!") so I needed a bed that would not take up too much of the limited space at hand. So I built one out of pallets to fit my old matress.

When the curtains are not drawn, you wake up looking out over the sea. Underneath there is a space for my parents wee fur ball; the dog that is the antithesis of claustrophobic and just adores tiny spaces to crawl into.


Another good thing about a bed built of pallets in combination to small space is that you can use the cavities as book shelves!


I have painted the kitchen cabinets from plain white to shades of blue, and the wardrobe door in chalk board black.

The strip over the sink, originally plain wooden, also got a cover of paint along with some cut off bits of wood to hang towels, utensils and such.


Apart from the extendable table and a new plate rack (all IKEA, of course), everything is upcycled. Like the wooden boxes hanging over the stove my mum picked up from a container at the recycling station, and they now act shelves.


Since there is no practical way to ¨'store the stove', I put wheels on its table and simply pull it out and plug it in whenever it is time for cooking. On the side there are little hooks for storing the cutting board and oven mitts.


The kitchen chairs got a cover of pastel furniture paint, and I also spray painted some old wire net to create a pinboard in a similar style to my Orchard Road one.


Ta-daa! That is most part of the downstairs of my 15-or-so square metres. What do you think?