St Ives and slow travel.


Sunday, 23 Sept.
I’ve been in St Ives for two weeks today. The first few days of getting lost despite the teensy size of the town has now been replaced with knowing the little alleyways and, more importantly, how they interlace with one another.

That is what I love most of this style of travelling. Slowly. Had I only spent a weekend in Cornwall it would have been a rushed affair (myself especially!). Now instead I get to enjoy each day as it comes. See the five beaches from different weathers and time points. Bury my toes deep into the sand (in september!). Know where to get the best cup of coffee (Yellow Canary on Fore St!).


September means the crowds are wearing off. Thankfully. At times trying to get through the main street has felt as vicious (and viscous) an activity as christmas shopping. I cannot imagine what it is like here during peak season. And quite frankly, I am not so sure I want to either.

I don’t know if being in a place that is so affected by the tides also has an impact on your mood. While I spend a lot of time on my own (not always a great thing for someone who likes to think, rethink, analyze things sideways) at times I am getting such rushes of energy. The caffeine kicks and floating on air. I am almost scared they are manic upswings. But perhaps a potential cause is the same as what forces the tides? Perhaps, perhaps.