Punakaiki Life.


Writing this, I have left Punakaiki and the wild west coast in the rear view mirror. "A couple of weeks" quickly escalated into months of four, but time sand flies when you are having fun right.  I still remember walking under the grand lime stone seperating the bush from the sea, tropical November sweat seeking its way down my back; my very first day in paradise, already then having a particular feeling about the place.

Still I thought a place so small would bore me, but --

What a joy it has been, living right next to the everchanging Tasman Sea. Not to mention the sunsets that all superlatives fail to describe; the ones that have kept me rushing home from work to catch a glimpse of. Punakaiki has just made me... peaceful. (Coming back into 'civilization', I can't help but to think of this Moomin strip.) I arrived with a broken heart and a restless soul; I am leaving pumped on inspiration yet full of serenity.

I hope I will be able to can this feeling. Preserve it in sugar suryp for rougher times.

Until then, I have bus loads of photos to show you from my road trippins around the South Island. Spamming instagram-stories in the meanwhile though!