Vibrant blues of Tekapo and the Moeraki Boulders.


It is with a great relief I roll out of Christchurch city. I doubt I will ever be a confident city driver, but combine that with the first time driving in six months, doing so in left (if it is not right, it is wrong eh!!) side traffic and in an unfamiliar car; that just brings you to a whole new level of stressfulness.

I make it to a wee campsite in Winchester before dusk. The grand premier of the tent I have purchased that same afternoon only lasts for about two hours before I remember just how much I love camping. Fall asleep frozen to the bone, wake up boiling. I seek refuge in the backseat of the car and am yet, on day 8 of driving, to return back to the tent.

As the skies turn pink with the arrival of the sun, I set out towards Lake Tekapo. It is a beautiful drive and once I arrive my jaw actually drops in awe over the vibrant colour of the water. However is a bit too cold, windy and touristic for any activities other than coffee.


That afternoon's coffee break is held in Oamaru. I had no clue of this towns existence before I found it on my road atlas but I did quite enjoy its quirky Victorian Precinct; full of local crafts and brews in a restored traditional setting.

Speaking of road atlases, driving away from Oamaru I manage to loose myself but finally find myself on the scenic coastal route. The best place one can get lost on, in my humble opinion!


The next morning I only have a 10-or-so minute drive to enjoy the sight of the Moeraki Boulders at low tide. Such a peculiar sight with these spherical rocks scattered across the beach. Some have split in the middle (making them look like the perfect baked potato) revealing their hollow interior and others have completely collapsed. Also, am I the only one getting Death Star connotations on that last one?