Rolling down to Dunedin and exploring Nugget Point.

I guess it comes as a surprise to none that I manage to get lost driving into Dunedin.  A city of about 120k. Trying to maneuvre the wee nissan sunny up and down the undulating hills between Moeraki and 'New Zealand's Edinburgh' gets the best out of me, so by the time I finally make it to town I keep reading the map upside down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This, naturally, brings me away from the city centre rather than towards it, so I find myself driving past the tourist buses at the end of Baldwin Street. "Baldwin Street?" you are thinking.
I would too, had I not read of its existence in my LP copy just the night before. Baldwin Street just so happens to be The World's Steepest Residental Street (Capitalised For Dramatic Effect!). Now I have no selfie from the top as proof that I did wander up that hill, you will just have to take my word for it.

I imagine the good things about living on the world's steepest street must be
a) nice view
and perhaps
b) no need to get a gym card as your calves will be burning either way,
but then I can't help but to wonder who would want to have all them tourists lurking around outside the gardens? Not I!


Dunedin has got me puzzled. It could be such a cozy town with its splendour of quirky second hand shops and  caffeine infused ones (check out Morning Magpie just above!), yet the amounts of traffic passing right through the city centre's Octagon does not leave a very pleasant (or safe!) feeling. Could it at least be one way-traffic passing through?!


Two lucky finds for Dunedin vegans is Let Them Eat Vegan, hidden on Albion Lane, that make vegan cheese and mock meats. Located in the Wall Street Mall you also find Watson's Eatery. This place manages to give me a bit of an identity crisis with its many sweet options. Thoughts like "that would be too sweet", or "that is too much for one" pop through my mind. When I finally order it is a savoury option of artichoke pizza, I think to myself "who ARE you!?".

Does this mean I am officially an old lady?


Before setting off towards The Catlins, I stop by the Salt Water Pool in suburb St Clair. Right next to the beach is this tempered (well around 28c so don't get too excited!) outdoor pool. Entry to the pool is $6.50 and brilliant break from driving.

Feeling super kiwiesque when leaving; with salt water dripping from my hair that is covered in a crochet beanie, car windows rolled down, stereo blasting out the tunes of Newtown Rocksteady.

Only thing missing would be the surf board, eh?


As the final tourist attraction of the day, I drive out to the Nugget Point Lighthouse. The atlantic ocean is almost ridiculously calm and reveals all sorts of blue shades. Stunning!