The tricks of introverted travels.

Thr crystal clear water of  Te Waikoropupu Springs  is a suitable metaphor for my REFLECTIONS!

Thr crystal clear water of Te Waikoropupu Springs is a suitable metaphor for my REFLECTIONS!

I am travelling all wrong.

I get the realisation after a few hours in Rotorua.

It has been a few nights in a Wellington dorm followed by seven hours on a northbound bus. Now I feel tense, fatigue, and antisocial. It is as a walking raincloud that I check in to... yet another hostel dorm.

I have obviously been a bit careless lately. Rushing my way through this country due to its deerness, without taking my introvert traits into consideration. It has been impression overload without any time left for reflection. Come to think of it, it is perhaps no wonder the part I have most enjoyed on my road trip is the safe haven of the car, where I can be alone with my loud music, protected from the world. Now I notice symptoms like starting to leave my camera behind, the ignoring of my note book, and how nothing amazes. It is a bit like running on low battery mode for weeks, but you are on a tight schedule so you try to keep up.

Time for some R&R-time;

I decide to spend my time in Rotorua not seeing so much of Rotorua but with

- treating myself to the $30 Rotorua Hot Pools (dream! Life fact: water makes everything better)
- flipping through beautiful travel guides at the city library
- people watching whilst sipping on numerous soy mochas
- taking long long walks (and of course managing to get lost!)

Put simply, some little things I enjoy.  It works wonders. The raincloud slowly dissolves and suddenly the words seek their way back to me like little rays of sun. I even enjoy small talk with my fellow travel mates in a far more bubbly tone than upon arrival, and start jotting away in my journal again.

I make a promise to myself that I will tone it down a notch for my upcoming Taiwan-trip. Travel slowly, enjoy fully. Rumor has it a wee island with 23 million inhabitants could get a little overwhelming otherwise.