Paradiso - art house cinema beyond the ordinary


Lights, camera, relaxation...

Stretch your legs out in front of you on the sofa, balance a steaming cup of coffee on the armrest and watch an art-house roll unfold on the big screen ahead. It is not just because I have spent the past week in the backseat of a car that Paradiso is my most comfortable cinema experience ever.

I first heard about this wee gem through Maya's blog and quickly added it to my NZ bucket list. The Cinema Paradiso has been running in Wanaka over 20 years and is listed as somewhat of a national treasure. You see, rather than your average cinema seats - this theatre consists of a selection of comfy sofas to sink down in. Unless of course you would rather recline in a dentist's chair or the front seat's of an old Morris Minor.

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What going to the movies should always be like

Midway through the film, there is a wee interlude. Perfect, as one does not have to worry about when is a good time to go for that needed toilet break without missing out on any of the plot action.

In time for the break there are also freshly baked cookies available for purchase in the lobby (no vegan ones unfortunately </3). Cinema heaven much??

Cinema Paradiso
Where |  72 Brownston Street, Wanaka