25 before 30: A wishlist for the next five years.

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As of last Saturday, I am quarter of a century old. Imagine that! I feel like I have lived a few life times already. (And perhaps that is a blessing, as a friend said the other day "the person you are now, you will basically be for the rest of your life", good thing I've tried out a fair few!). As with any cornerstone in life - birthdays, new years, mondays - it feels like a good time to sit down and reflect over where you are in life, and where you want to go.

Alas, inspired by a post I read by Abbi at Spin the Windrose a few months back, I started to compose my own list of things I wanted to do before reaching the next big milestone of 30! Surprisingly (to none), most of it is travel related. 

25 before 30 - what I wish to do for the next five years

1. Travel to a new continent.
While I have travelled 20+ countries so far, it is only on the same three continents. Not even halfway there!

2. Do a yoga trip.
I did one, of sorts, to Bali a few months back but heck, it was such a delight to be some place warm with the main aim of doing yoga that I want to go again!

3. Go to Glastonbury.
I haven't been to a big music festival since I was 17 (!!!) and I feel it is time. When I lived in Bath, I worked right next to the train station. At the end of June, there were so many people coming through on their way to/from the festival and I was always a little envious of the wee adventure they were about to emark on the beautiful Somerset countryside while I was there making espressos. Okay, this is turning into a right Cinderella story...

4. Visit the Faroe Islands.
Ever since seeing Äntligen Vilse's photos from the Faroe Islands I cannot stop day dreaming about those grass covered rooftops and epic mountainscapes. And the fact that the language is so similar to what Swedish used to be like is SO VERY VERY intriguing!

5. Travel the TransMongolian Railway.
Russia, Mongolia and China by train. This is such a huge bucket list item of mine!

A rather intriguing shop display in copenhagen

A rather intriguing shop display in copenhagen

6. Go to South Africa.
Wineyards, epic scenery and the seasons upside down - people keep saying "but it is dangerous" in regards of SA. Well, hold my beer.

7. Teach English abroad.
Unfortunately, I am not so sure this one is possible as being both uneducated and non-native speaker does not rank too highly with the employers but who knows, I might get lucky!

8. Travel AROUND the world.
As opposed to back and forth the same route. Just a classic bucket list thing, I suppose.

9. Visit the Astronomical Clock in Prague.
It just looks SO cool?? And Prague too for that matter.

10. Live in a foreign country for an extended period of time. Again.
Who knows, perhaps a Canadian WH visa is in place? Or a 90 day Indonesia one? 

11. Attend a wedding.
I haven't been to a wedding since the 1990's but luckily for me, I will be able to tick this one off already at the end of summer as my former roomie is getting married!

12. Invest in a new camera.
I bought my first DSLR with my saved up monthly allowance at age 13 and that is the one I am still using today. Of course, A LOT has changed in the world of digital cameras since - and I think it is about time I dwell into it. Preferably I would like a smaller one that is more suited for travel, yet does not compromise too much on quality. Any ideas?

13. Remain debt-free.
So far I am yet to pay off parts of my student loan from my 3/4 of a university year, but once that is done and dusted I wish things to stay that way.

14. Start a retirement fund.
Adulting 101! Since I haven't ever stayed in one job for more than just over a year and spend most my pennies on travel, I have never had the excess to start saving up for that sweet pension... But I will try now, little by little.

15. Attend a reiki session.
I have a fascination with all things most people consider to be complete mumbo-jumbo, and for some reason reiki healing has been on my list of things to try for some years now.

16. Get my 2nd tattoo.
I want a little something to keep the peony on my left arm company.

17. Do a head stand. 
Pretty self-explanatory.

18. Complete a yoga teacher training course.
Perhaps not to ever teach, but more to be able to dwell in the art form of yoga completely.

19. Learn an instrument. (Or A song. On A musical instrument.)
I took piano lessons for five years between ages 9-13, but never mastered the art of playing with both hands (me + coordination, not such a great match!) so I have just assumed I am deeply ungifted and thus stayed far far away from all tone forming things. But now I'd like to play for the sheer purpose of playing; I have dusted off an old harmonica and am looking to get a ukulele too.

20. Learn some sort of alternative medicine.
See point 15. Like a type of massage, chinese herbal remedies or the likes.

Sleeping in the backseat of my car, wanaka.

Sleeping in the backseat of my car, wanaka.

21. Try something different.
Like capoeira, or hoop dancing, or balancing on a tightrope. These things are so mesmerising to watch, I feel they could be fun to try too!

22. Restore an old van.
I want the vantastic kind of life! One of my favourite pastimes is watching youtube videos of people living in vans/restoring vans. So much cool stuff! Home is wherever I park my car...

23. Do a longer hike.
I really want to explore more of the Swedish mountains and do parts of Kungsleden (the King's Trail), particularly a visit to Abisko. Am I silly for saying that is mainly because of the beautiful name? Abisko. It just flows so well. 

24. Participate in some sort of vegan activism.
Going vegan is easily the best decision I have made in my 25 years and I wish with all my heart the message will become widespread. Plus, I want to connect with more like-minded people. Will accept vegan friend requests in the comment section, thank you pls!

25. Keep curious.


Do you have any particular things you wish to accomplish before a certain milestone in life? Tell me!