Is Canggu Vegan Heaven?

best vegan places canggu.jpg

Now I am not the biggest fan on lists promting you "must do this, must do that" but when it comes to vegan food, I will happily make an exception. I had a brilliant time in up-and-coming Canggu on Bali's south coast. Partly due to all the accessible yoga and the beautiful beach setting. But mainly, let's be real here, because of all the accessible, affordable, gorgeous vegan food on offer!

The following 3 were my absolute favourites and should not be missed:

Several of the dishes from the Peloton Supershop's menu plays on the fact that it half bike-store; like the Fuel Good-bowls and Nuts & Bolts smoothie pictured above.

Peloton Supershop

This café/bike shop ranks highly among omnis and veg heads in Canggu alike. Its sleek, minimalistic, industrial interiors with fresh little petals adorning the tables makes this place so darn... instagrammable! (They have even cooperated with an IG star to compose some of the dishes on their current menu - it includes carved dragonfruit dolphins and coconuts for bowls. )

Peloton does decent portions of anything from trendy charcoal burger buns to the best indo-classic Nasi Campur I have ever tried! (I know, I am meant to say the best/more authentic/whatever version can be found in the street kitchens but no; it is right here. And that is a pretty good mark seeing as this used to be my favourite dish as a veggie in Indonesia.)

Peloton Supershop
46 Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa
Open  daily 7.30am-10pm

Comfort food at its finest! Jackfruit Tacos and a Nori Bowl from Shady Shack.

The Shady Shack

Have a napkin at hand, for it is likely you will start drooling just reading the menu at this not-so-shady shack. Jackfruit tacos, smashed potato and a cabinet full of vegan cakes, what more you need?

If you arrive with the past-sunset rush there is likely to be a wee queue formed outside the entrance. Fear not, it is there for a reason and moves rapidly due to its formidable staff. This gem is the little sister of the popular Canggu eatery Betelnut Café, and she is just as successful. Unfortunately it is not always consistent in terms of varying portion sizes, but then again, they include VAT and service charges on the set menu so there will be no surprise once you reach the till.

The Shady Shack
57 Jalan Tanah Barak
Open daily 8.30am-11pm

1st picture borrowed from beautiful blog 28Merivale... as my own attempts at capturing the Mad Pops delights look like... the instastory that it is screenshotted from.

Mad Pops

Forget about the regular vegan options at any ice cream parlour (lemon or raspberry sorbets - TTYN!). How about Salted Caramel with some peanut butter and chocolate?  Yes, yes, yes!

It is both a curse and a blessing, me finding Mad Pops only on my last evening in Canggu because I am pretty sure it would have led me into bankruptcy. The ice cream here is so good I seriously considered renting a scooter and driving all the way from Ubud (40 minutes one-way, in Bali traffic!) only for a few scoops.

The servings are very generous and they do not charge extra for cones, which makes Mad Pops the most priceworthy vegan ice cream on the entire island.

Mad Pops - Canggu Branch
48 Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 
Open daily 11am-10pm