Being on the other side of the North Sea, rather than the other side of the globe, has its perks. Such as when you get friends and family visiting!!! This summer felt like winning the lottery when I got to see these peeps.


Ida wrote to me one evening in July and asked what I'd be doing the coming week; the following Sunday we are sat having pasta squeezed in with another bunch of tourists at Earl's Court. Spontaneity at its finest! We spent about 48 very hectic hours together in London, doing all the touristy stuff, as it was her first time across the pond.


The second half of the month, my whole family travelled all the way to Bath, even baby Stella. For some time we thought this trip wouldn't happen, as after my mother had fixed the flight tickets to a decent prize -- it turns out Bath is ridonkulously expensive in terms of accomodation. But finally, they find airbnb and rent a private house in Weston for like a quarter of the price that your average B&B would be. Even better considering Sjöberg junior depicted above.


Finally, Heidi came all the way from Australia as a fresh breeze in the midst of my hectic work schedule. ^As you can tell, I was thrilled. We spent time in good ol'Bristol, watched youtube prank-calls, drank numerous coffees at work and finished mine and J's bottle of rum (no need to bring that to Scotland anyway).

Arnos Vale/OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm.

As mentioned we went to the cemetery of Arnos Vale, on the outskirts of Bristol, during one of my days off. As I collected the roll of film, Julien was like "oh what a shame", targeting the focus (or lack of focus) on the photos. But I don't know, I quite like it. It adds to the atmosphere in some way. Plus I <3 bokeh.

It is indeed a pretty graveyard, the best part is the forest where everything just seems to have its own will. Looking up through the tall tree tops beats most things

What I realised the other day though, as I put a new roll in the camera - I haven't adjusted the ISO so that was up at like 600 when I'm in fact using a film with ISO 200. Ooops. That could explain A LOT about the outcome of these last two rolls.

Excited to see if there will be a difference on the next one.

OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm. (2)

Here's the second batch of my ebay bargained Olympus camera developed, with some light leaks to begin with but boy do I love light leaks, so unpredictable yet charming. (Kind of like the youngest child, hey. *hint hint wink wink*)

This is more or less the way we walked daily between Odd Down and the city centre, but in reverse. Small churches, ivy dressed pubs and pastel coloured doors: 


I squeezed the three of these together to keep it short (and they aren't really great in terms of exposure) But there's the ice cream shop and two bridges as you crossover Avon to town.

The rest of the roll is from when Julien and I went to the Arnos Vale Cemetery outside of Bristol, but they will get a post of their own, or this would get too long.

Two Tunnels Greenway.

Monday I had the whole day off these insane 60hr/weeks I'm currently doing -- and the sun was actually shining! Me and Julien had been wanting to do the 20k Two Tunnels Cycle loop around Bath for some time, and so this day finally presented that opportunity. We spent the afternoon pedalling by houseboats, castles and graveyards, all in a pretty mixture.

After cycling along the canals for the longest time, getting further and further away from the city, this little farm shop appears.

They sold locally grown fruit + veggies.

And a range of books for bargain prices. All self-service, so help yourself and put the money in the blue box. We bought some apples + prunes to snack on.

Next stop was the Dundas Aqueduct where this man hosted a pub-house boat in the midst of all greenery.

He made his own Apple Cider there on the boat, which we of course felt obliged to try out. The yeast is still floating around there on the bottom.

The final loop back to Bath, we passed by castles and graveyards before reaching the two tunnels, which we raced through - and I won! (Otherwise I'd ofcourse forget to mention it)

Other than so, this marks our 6th month in England, and we also received some good news. A place in Aberdeen secured! Room on top floor, like 20 minutes walk from the uni. Goodly woodly, as Elme would say!


I bought a new camera on ebay a while back – and this is the first roll. Underexposed meets overexposed in one great mixture; I just recently noticed I ought to have gone with the alternative “A” for auto instead of pretending to know what I was doing. Oh well, here goes:


My ma ready to party on her 50th bday // A sleeping Stella


Back in Bath, where Julien took a great liking in Sweden's most sold car.


Part of the Roman Baths. (This one turned out quite okay, in my humble opinion)


Yours truly on my 22nd bday. After work we went to throw frisbee and drink whisky+ginger beer by the meadows, before ending up in bed watching Shaun the Sheep (I never thought that'd happen, but I suppose 22 is all about trying new things...) with three different flavoured Kettle-crisps that I sent Julien off to buy with the excuse "you go, it's my birthday!"


Finally, our withering plants in the kitchen window.

My Daily BATH.

(Yes the best cities are always the ones that can be used in a pun)

With only a month or so left in this town, this is how I tend to (when I'm not working, i.e.) pass time here in Bath:


Despite how many hours I spend in a coffeeshop per week, you know, because of work - that's nonetheless how you'll find me on my day off. I believe it's my hobby; writing, crocheting, reading the news, doing sudoku and watching strangers. It brings me a relaxation I can never obtain at home.

Another hobby of mine is to pass time annoying my boyfriend when he's opening the ice cream shop (I don't know how many photos I have of the Abbey through the reflection's of David Thayers icecream's windows. Far too many anyway.)

This is from walking around town. "A roman in Bath", I call it.


  I was thrilled to discover that a stone's throw away from our house in Odd Down there's these beautiful, undulating landscapes with green as far as the eye can see. Such a fresh breeze from the city and the detatched houses, especially for an inner countrysider like myself.


We splurged and went to the cinema once. I had convinced Julien we should go see Roy Andersson's A Pigeon Sat On... You know - and the rest of that metre long title. (Side note: A man comes in to sit next to us in the salon, cautiously asking "... Is this the pigeon film?")
I reckon J will think twice before I talk him into any other £9.50 films again. That was a strange experience indeed.


Some time ago Bath was so ridiculously hot that I had to wait a while before I begun the bike ride (uphill!) back home. A great way to spend time is for instance by drinking fancy juices at Beyond the Kale and reading Sanna Ehdin. 

Birmingham Babe.

Supposedly Birmingham is amongst one of the biggest cities in the UK after London. This was complete news to me until I got off the train to meet Maria (after almost two years apart, let's take a moment to realise how much too long that is). As we started to walk through the hectic city centre off to her student accommodation, I realized that this city during the afternoon hours was (to my inner countrysider) as claustrophobic as Christmas shopping.


But we were happy nontheless.  It's so fantastic how time doesn't have an impact on certain friendships. Months can pass and yet when you meet again you just seem to be able to pick up were you left things many many moons ago. England was treating us well in the midst of an early spring heat wave and so there we were in what seems to be Birmingham's only piece of green. The park outside of the City Cathedral. People were at times actually sitting atop tombstones, how disrespectful is that.


Poor Maria twisted her knee during a salsa night a week before my arrival; so she was my jumping-on-crutches city guide.


One thing I really enjoyed about the city was the massive fruit and veg market - made me rather nostalgic thinking about the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. And a wee jealous as our local market in Bath is tiny in comparance. 


There were lots of fancy coffee breaks included in our daily regimens, as it should. I guess especially when your company has to jump in order to move forward. Me, I got exhausted just by watching.


View from Marias building / waking up too early each morning results in breakfast boredome. As her flat mates were all away for the holidays and I'm used to shared hostel kitchens, I was thrilled to have a whole kitchen space to myself. 


A wall piece on the way to Marias student accomondation. So groovy. Everytime I passed it I made a mental note that I had had had to capture it before going back down south. Of course I waited til the very last minute and so the cars were covering up pretty much the whole thing.

We parted at the train station and as she's off to Chile next month I fear I will have to wait another small eternity to see her purdy face again. But as the Swedes say, the one who waits for something good...