Birmingham Babe.

Supposedly Birmingham is amongst one of the biggest cities in the UK after London. This was complete news to me until I got off the train to meet Maria (after almost two years apart, let's take a moment to realise how much too long that is). As we started to walk through the hectic city centre off to her student accommodation, I realized that this city during the afternoon hours was (to my inner countrysider) as claustrophobic as Christmas shopping.


But we were happy nontheless.  It's so fantastic how time doesn't have an impact on certain friendships. Months can pass and yet when you meet again you just seem to be able to pick up were you left things many many moons ago. England was treating us well in the midst of an early spring heat wave and so there we were in what seems to be Birmingham's only piece of green. The park outside of the City Cathedral. People were at times actually sitting atop tombstones, how disrespectful is that.


Poor Maria twisted her knee during a salsa night a week before my arrival; so she was my jumping-on-crutches city guide.


One thing I really enjoyed about the city was the massive fruit and veg market - made me rather nostalgic thinking about the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. And a wee jealous as our local market in Bath is tiny in comparance. 


There were lots of fancy coffee breaks included in our daily regimens, as it should. I guess especially when your company has to jump in order to move forward. Me, I got exhausted just by watching.


View from Marias building / waking up too early each morning results in breakfast boredome. As her flat mates were all away for the holidays and I'm used to shared hostel kitchens, I was thrilled to have a whole kitchen space to myself. 


A wall piece on the way to Marias student accomondation. So groovy. Everytime I passed it I made a mental note that I had had had to capture it before going back down south. Of course I waited til the very last minute and so the cars were covering up pretty much the whole thing.

We parted at the train station and as she's off to Chile next month I fear I will have to wait another small eternity to see her purdy face again. But as the Swedes say, the one who waits for something good...