Being on the other side of the North Sea, rather than the other side of the globe, has its perks. Such as when you get friends and family visiting!!! This summer felt like winning the lottery when I got to see these peeps.


Ida wrote to me one evening in July and asked what I'd be doing the coming week; the following Sunday we are sat having pasta squeezed in with another bunch of tourists at Earl's Court. Spontaneity at its finest! We spent about 48 very hectic hours together in London, doing all the touristy stuff, as it was her first time across the pond.


The second half of the month, my whole family travelled all the way to Bath, even baby Stella. For some time we thought this trip wouldn't happen, as after my mother had fixed the flight tickets to a decent prize -- it turns out Bath is ridonkulously expensive in terms of accomodation. But finally, they find airbnb and rent a private house in Weston for like a quarter of the price that your average B&B would be. Even better considering Sjöberg junior depicted above.


Finally, Heidi came all the way from Australia as a fresh breeze in the midst of my hectic work schedule. ^As you can tell, I was thrilled. We spent time in good ol'Bristol, watched youtube prank-calls, drank numerous coffees at work and finished mine and J's bottle of rum (no need to bring that to Scotland anyway).

Arnos Vale/OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm.

As mentioned we went to the cemetery of Arnos Vale, on the outskirts of Bristol, during one of my days off. As I collected the roll of film, Julien was like "oh what a shame", targeting the focus (or lack of focus) on the photos. But I don't know, I quite like it. It adds to the atmosphere in some way. Plus I <3 bokeh.

It is indeed a pretty graveyard, the best part is the forest where everything just seems to have its own will. Looking up through the tall tree tops beats most things

What I realised the other day though, as I put a new roll in the camera - I haven't adjusted the ISO so that was up at like 600 when I'm in fact using a film with ISO 200. Ooops. That could explain A LOT about the outcome of these last two rolls.

Excited to see if there will be a difference on the next one.