The weather forecast promises a sunny Aberdeen all week. Outside looks like this:

Although that creates the perfect setting for coffee shopping, only my favourite kind of shopping. After working one and 3/4 full time the past month my inner diva is in a constant TREAT YOSELF-mode, so despite how I should be a mindful of my budget entering student life - off to a coffeeshop I went. I hereby pronounce the search for Aberdeen's Best Café begun. First up:

Food story on Thistle Street, just off Union Street. I found this place via happycow. It must have boomed in popularity the past years because it looked way more modest on tripadvisor than what we found after our walk across town. But with such a winning wholefoods concept, it's clear to see why.

The main thing for me, really, is to find a decent place with good coffee and vegetarian/vegan options on the menu. Food story ticks the boxes, big time.

I had a salad with sweet potato and chickpeas, which some genius thought to add peanuts in. Added perfect crunch to the yummness. Along with the salad I had half a vegan wrap (one deal goes salad + wrap = £5.50!) with the same salad plus a lentil paté. Also squeezed desert in there; a tiffin-like cake to enjoy along with the coffee. 

More than the sweet potato (and I really love sweet potato) I enjoyed the interiors. Granny lamp-shades meets industrial lightning and rough wooden tables with mismatching sets of chairs. It would be the ideal study-hangout if it weren't for the fairy loud music. But perhaps that's more noticeble around lunch time, when the place was already fairly packed. We had to queue to the till but no longer than a few minutes, it all went very smooth.