Two Tunnels Greenway.

Monday I had the whole day off these insane 60hr/weeks I'm currently doing -- and the sun was actually shining! Me and Julien had been wanting to do the 20k Two Tunnels Cycle loop around Bath for some time, and so this day finally presented that opportunity. We spent the afternoon pedalling by houseboats, castles and graveyards, all in a pretty mixture.

After cycling along the canals for the longest time, getting further and further away from the city, this little farm shop appears.

They sold locally grown fruit + veggies.

And a range of books for bargain prices. All self-service, so help yourself and put the money in the blue box. We bought some apples + prunes to snack on.

Next stop was the Dundas Aqueduct where this man hosted a pub-house boat in the midst of all greenery.

He made his own Apple Cider there on the boat, which we of course felt obliged to try out. The yeast is still floating around there on the bottom.

The final loop back to Bath, we passed by castles and graveyards before reaching the two tunnels, which we raced through - and I won! (Otherwise I'd ofcourse forget to mention it)

Other than so, this marks our 6th month in England, and we also received some good news. A place in Aberdeen secured! Room on top floor, like 20 minutes walk from the uni. Goodly woodly, as Elme would say!