Southern Scandinavia: A 3 day road trip.

Southern Scandinavia: A 3 day road trip.

I think the majority of us plead guilty when it comes to not doing so much travelling around your own country. So last summer I decided this needs to be changed and set out to explore the very south of this long, long country of mine with my French side-kick.

Bring on three days of picturesque stone churches, vodka distilleries and the bridge TV star!

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Saturday in Copenhagen: Christiania & Step-counter records.


Let's pick up where I left things about two months ago, the weekend spend in the Danish capital with my mum! After our morning steam bath at the Botanical Gardens, we continued to wander around Copenhagen.

In fact, this day mum’s step counter announced a number over 32k when we finally returned to the hotel in the evening  — and thus we had broken the family record from a 2008 trip to Rome (!!!)


One thing I really enjoy about travelling to new countries, even if it is pne so near of your own, is discovering the local supermarkets. Just at 7-eleven they had so much to look at, and I mean, who wants a plain old bottle of water when you can get one with mint & lime for instance?? Sweden/Scotland, watch and learn!


Time for the mornings second caffeine stop; in the prettiest darn backyard found by the entrance of Kunstforeningen GL Strand. 


Then we reached hippie mekka Christiania. Walking through the infamous Green Light District was such a strange experience (particularly to have with your mom, let's be real!) - there were stalls like any other market, but most vendors would be masked up like if they were just off to rob a bank. The three rules of the GLD are

1. no photos,
no running
and finally
3. have fun.

I’m particularly fond of the message hovering one of the exits – “you are now entering the EU”.


I asked HappyCow where to go for dinner and we ended up having burgers at a hostel close of the central station. By no means a sensation for the taste buds, but with a very meager veggie-scene I was happy to finally find something to still my hunger.


We ended the evening in Nyhavn but seeing as it was a beautiful Saturday night of July, it was way too crowded for our more countryside-like manners, so we wandered back to the hotel.

Have to sneak in a photo of this guy here - such bravura of innovation! He had composed a drum set out of kitchen utensils and to be honest he was darn hilarious for a busker. He goes under the name Big Viktor were you to encounter him whilst in CPH.