The past days in pictures.

After a few days in moving-chaos we are finally (somewhat) settled into our new place. Gosh, I feel exhausted all the way into my soul. Our 3rd residency in about 9 months.


When cleaning the flat the other morning, the sky put on a show. 


This is my current routine on an afternoon off: jasmine tea and corn cakes; one with hummus and one with pb + banana coins. 


Yesterday we went with our new landlord/housemate to Costco. Both me and Julien were pretty much agreed that we will come along and have a look, but we are not buying anything. Well, when you stumble upon a kilo of chia seeds for £4.69, I would say it is perfectly sane not to stand by your word.


And since today is Valentine's and one is meant to spend time with loved ones - I walked through the snowfalls to buy myself a plunger so that me and Coffee could be together on this special day <3.